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first down after 12 and at handoff to tbar have i and a garvey touchdown rams. -- to garvey and a garvey touchdown rams. >> we'll have more on the redskins coming up in a few minutes plus all of our top stories. first, we want to check our weather. tucker is in with that and when you step outside today, the sweet sound of rain.
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>> lots of rain in forecast. could be some flooding issues as we get into the nighttime hours tonight and tomorrow. you can see we've got rain in the forecast. there you go. satellite-radar showing you lots of showers, lots of clouds across the area. cool temperatures. we are only in the mid-60s right now. that will be the theme around here today as we watch an area of low pressure pass very slowly to our west. we could see some localized thunderstorm activity and some very heavy rain at least during portions of the day here as we get into the afternoon hours. looking at temperatures, we are on the cool side. 64 at reagan national. patuxent naval air station is 69 degrees. our forecast, cool and cloud you. rain, perhaps thunderstorms, heavy at times. we're expecting several inches of rain before all is said and
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done. more details on the forecast coming up in just a minute. montgomery county police are looking for the driver in a hit and run saturday night. they say somebody in a small, dark-colored sedan struck and dragged 4-year-old danielle alleh. she is said to be hospitalized in serious condition this morning. the general manager of the first casino in maryland says he will be ready to open earlier than expected. if the state lottery commission gives the okay t could open before thursday. several former top air force officials are set to unveil some alleged ufo sightings on american military bases. roby chavez got a preview of the firsthand accounts and top secret documents about to be released. >> they were seeing strange lights in the sky. >> robert salas worries aliens
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have hair eyes on our nuclear weapons. reremembers one morning early in march 1967. while on duty, several in the military witnessed unexplained red lights in the skies in montana over an air force base. >> very frightened guard called me and said they were looking at a glowing red object pulsating about 30 feet in diameter hovering above the front great. >> reporter: moments later, arlington national cemeterys sounded and they were mysteriously shut down. >> it was like we were under a terrorist attack. that is what i thought, the facility was under some kind of an attack. but it was very strange. >> reporter: on monday, he comes to washington with folds are of previously top secret documents to prove it was a ufo. this memo concluded. >> the fact that no apparent reason for the loss of 10 missiles can be readily identified is cause for grave
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concern. >> reporter: top secret documents no longer say secret. for the first time, he and six former air force officers are talking. they want the air force to come clean. >> we were never debriefed after that. we were ordered not to ever talk about it. the air force has deliberately not told the truth about not only my incident but maybe hundreds of others at military facilities. >> reporter: salas says it was a ufo with a message. i think it was a message about the danger of nuclear weapons. other incidents were covered up and it is high time the air force and the government opened up their files on ufos. >> in washington, roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> thank you. a group will present its findings later today at the national press club. witnesses will also discuss the national court risk that the
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incidents pose. they also promise declassified government documents. it was another tough loss for the redskins. the team fought back from a 14- point deficit but it wasn't enough. the rams scored 16 unanswered points in the second half to win 0-16. this is the rams first home win in 15 games. the skins dropped to 1-2 for the season. we to have a lot more straight ahead. your weather, your traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now. and good monday morning to you. it is september 27th, 2010 as way get a live look at our nation's capital. a little foggy out there this morning. certainly wet from the rainfall overnight. a lot of it continuing this morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. tucker is in too. i was out for two weeks. came back and the neighbors said there was not a drop of rain while i was gone. i brought it back.
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>> this is really it for the month of september. this will be a long touration event. we'll get a lot of rain with the possibility of flooding. -- this will be a long duration event t will within us for a couple of days. good to see you. >> that was sincere. >> that was heartfelt. >> tucker barnes, there you go, out to the east. route 50 out towards bowie, crofton, you are getting some rain showers. that is where the heavy of the rain is. you can see inside the beltway and even out towards fronted royal, rain moving in from the south appear west. we'll show you lots more rain off it our south and to our south and west. temperature right now, 64 degrees. humidity, 94%. pressure is falling as that area of low pressure passes, approaches from our south. our forecast for today calling for lots and lots of rain and again, could be some thunderstorm activity and it is
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possible some of the storms could be on the strong side. we are under a very slight risk for severe weather. we got it all today. i can guarantee a slow commute. >> definitely. especially watch out for leaves starting to fall. thank you, tuck. new this morning, a deadly shooting in landover, maryland. it happened just before midnight in the 3400 block ofatology park road. police responded to shots being fired and they found a man in a car suffering from at least one gunshot wound. he died later ate local hospital. police have not made any arrests. they don't have any suspects or motive in the case right now. a woman was left critically injured after an accident. matt ackland has more. >> reporter: 4-year-old danielle alle was born in guatemala. she lived and worked about a block from where she was hit saturday night. she was struck just a few feet
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away from her boyfriend's home. >> i heard a thump. it sounded like a car had hit another car. >> reporter: montgomery county police are doing all they can to find the driver of what they believe is a small, dark sedan, possibly a honda. they say the force of the impacted caused some damage and even a piece was left behind. >> it did leave the right-hand side exterior mirror on the scene after it struck her. >> reporter: many drivers ignore the speed limit, wear told, even with a school just across the street. >> i seen a crossing guard almost get hit trying to cross the kids to school. so people don't go by the speed limit. >> it is a busy street. you have to actually look and see what is coming, make sure you are out of harm's way before you get into your vehicle. >> reporter: family members were too upset to speak to us on camera but they did wanted
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you to see danielle's face. they want the hit and run driver who put her in the hospital found. >> there is also the possibility that the driver of the vehicle, and it is a possibility only, could have been intoxicated and may not realize they hit anything at all. >> that was matt ackland reporting. a major twist in a high- profile murder case in our area i'm woman accused of killing a doctor six years ago was gowned -- found dead at a mental hospital. she was accused in the 2004 tapping death of her 71-year- old landlord dr. joyce hadel. police have identified a man who was shot and killed in southeast washington. he is 29-year-old darryl
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henley. the shooting happened on saturday on southern avenue. officers found two people they believe are connected to the shooting. they say one tried to jump over the balcony. at last check, no charges have been filed. you could help put a bank robber behind bars. take a look at these pictures. police say this man held up a sun trust in burtonsville saturday. they say the robber walked in, pulled a gun and left with cash. he useed a black bandana to cover part of his face. if have you any information call crimesolvers. there is a # thousand reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case. it is now official. maryland's first slots casino is opening this morning three days ahead of schedule. state lottery officials have given the go ahead of the owns are of the casino to open to the public. it will open at 8:00 this morning. it was a game a lot of the experts said the skins would win. the skinned were in st. louis for the first road game of the season t started off rough. the rams rolled off 14 unanswered points in the first
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quarter but the burgundy and gold would fight back scoring 16 unanswered points of their own to take the lead early this the third. it was all rams after that. st. louis wins this one 0-16. lindsay murphy got reaction from the team following the game. >> it was a pretty quiet locker room. i don't think any redskins player expected this to be the outcome. the skins defense was hit early and often ad the phones didn't play well enough to recover. >> i felt like we played a good football team. i couldn't say more about how the rams came out and played i. i knew all week it would be a big challenge for us watching them on film. they play extremely hard. they get knocked downed and keep coming back. >> the first drive of the game, the first quarter of the game and we caught ourselves in recovery mode already. they flat out whipped us. we got to come out there, get repaired, look at the film and
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see what went wrong. check ourselves and get ready for the next week. before a lot more with the skins coming up later this hour. dave ross will be here to break down things with our monday morning quarterback segment. stay with us. a lot more state ahead. up next the pastor at the center of the sex scandal is talking publicly. >> portrayed myself as the perfect man. but i am not the man that is being portrayed on the television. >> it is what bishop ed area long didn't say that has a lot of people concerned. we'll get a full report as we check more headlines. stay with us. -- it is what bishop eddie long didn't say that has a lot of people concerned. 
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counting ballots in venezuela. president hugo chavez is fighting to keep control in the national elections for parliament. they are waiting for election results. here at home of course the obama administration is working hard to keep middle east peace talks alive. the palestinians have said they would quit peace talks if israel resumes its building in the west bank. after days of silence, a pastor caught in a sex scandal is talking publicly. several men have sued bishop eddie long of atlanta claiming he lured them into sexual relationships with gifts. yesterday, 25,000 people packed the pews to hear bishop long's side of the story. but it is what the bishop didn't say that has people talking. >> he never claimed his
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innocence or acknowledged four accusers and long says he is not being accurately portrayed in the media. >> i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man but i am not the man being portrayed on the television. that is not me. that is not me. >> reporter: long went on to vow he would fight to the very end and let justice prevail in the court system and continue to ask for support while he and his family go through what he says is a very painful and difficult time. when members left church, there were mixed emotions. take a listen. >> we wanted him to say maybe he did not do the things that has been leveled against him. that was not said. >> the pip has proven himself over the years to be a man of integrity and character so i have to stand behind the
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character that i know. >> reporter: the lawsuits allege that long showered the boys with expensive jewelry, gifts and trips, that they shared bedrooms together and engaged in sexual acts. for the past two decades, long has been a vocal activist against homosexuality and gay marriage. meantime, the wife of illinois congressman jesse jackson, jr. is talking publicly n a newspaper interview, sandy jackson said she found out about her husband's alleged fair when he told her about it. she added she is staying in the marriage. she said she was mortified for learn about the affair and there were sleepless nights when she started losing her hair. she credits therapy for keeping the marriage together. news of this fair broke in connection with the rod blagojevich case in which congressman jackson is apparently embroiled. the ongoing debate over your money. we are talking tax cuts.
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will bush era tax cuts be extended. we'll check more headlines. >> rain moving in. it will be around here all day tonight, and into the daytime hours tomorrow. julie wright will be in at some point. she will have a look at your on- time traffic. that coming up after the break.
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welcome back. it is 15 minutes in front of 5:00 on this monday morning. can't see a whole lot outside
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this morning. we have that rain coming down. tucker i know we need the rain but we don't need the flooding coming along with this batch. no flood warnings or watches in the washington area. certainly the possible, we'll get a lot of rain, we'll get some thunderstorms, possible of some heavy rain. you get the idea here. good news is we haven't had much rain all month. so the soil can take a lot. >> okay. >> that is the good news. we'll get a lot too. we'll make up some important deficits here because we are running about seven inches behind. all right? i am happy to see you. not that happy. it is monday morning at 4:45. not happy to see anybody this time of day. off to the north and east is where the worst of the rain is. can you see the yellows and reds out towards annapolis, severna park. some spotty rain on the north side of the beltway out to the
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west, out towards reston, vienna, leesburg. this will be with us not only today, tonight but right into the first part of tomorrow before we get it out of here. let's go on to the radar and show you all the rain shower activity off to the south and west. very impressive amounts and we are tapping into a lot of gulf moisture here. it will stream north and northeast over the next couple of days as we get an area of low pressure which will ride up to our west and as it does so, it is possible that some of this energy here could get spun off and we could get some thunderstorm activity tonight and tomorrow. when we are atalking about rain showers like this down to our south and west, we'll get a lot of rain around here for the next couple of days. maybe rain totals, one, two, three inches in some spots before all is said and done.
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need the rain. 64degrees at reagan national. 64 in leonardtown. 63 in manassas. hagerstown, that is a little cooler. will be a cool day with high temperatures only in the mid- 70s. much cooler than what we had around here friday and saturday. cloudy and cool today. rain heavy at times. could be a thunderstorm as well. 74degrees as well your afternoon high. kind. breezy at times with winds out of the south and east 10 to 15. clouds and rain continue tonight. clouds stick around. rain continues tonight. 68 is your overnight low. here is your five-day forecast. rain early tomorrow. we'll get you out to the of here by tomorrow afternoon. wednesday doesn't look bad. should be some sunshine. maybe some more rain on thursday. friday, more sunshine. you can see our weather pattern has changed in a big way here as we approach october with lots of rain around today. that is a look at the forecast. let's do some on-time traffic with julie wright. >> inner loop. the beltway, lanes are open as you continue to work your way between 270, 95, college park. the crash occurred on the outer loop but from before this curve here, that is where the accident occurred involving a couple of vehicles. you will find traffic squeez
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by to the right on the outer loop. the beltway coming around from the mormon temple headed from bethesda. 66 in spite of the rain, no incidents to report as you continue eastbound from fair oaks to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the vice president's official home, the naval observatory in northwest washington, is getting a security upgrade. the secret service is confirming the navy will install a 10-foot high security fence around its perimeter instead of the cable that is currently there. additional checkpoints will also be added. the secret service says the upgrades are not a response to any explicit threat. a$1.7million price tag has been set aside for that project. you know the old saying the only two things you can be sure of are death and taxes but whose taxes are going up and whose are going down. this is one of biggest questions facing congress ahead of the mid-term elections. voters wanted to know the answer and they want to know it
4:50 am
now. the chances are nobody is going to know until after the ballots for congress are cast. lawmaker don't know either. >> reporter: top democrats in congress saying americans are not likely to get an answer on the big tax question before they go to the polls on november 2nd. house majority leader steny hoyer says he doubts the house will vote on extending the bush era tax cuts before going home to campaign. he blames republicans in the senate for blocking the vote. >> the senate has refused to move forward on that issue. as you know, we have some 400 bills pending in the senate, 75% of which have gotten 50 republican votes or more but they can't move through the senate. >> reporter: democratic leaders wanted to allow tax cuts for higher-income americans to expire on january 1st to help reduce the deficit but house minority leader john boehner calls the inability of democrats to act on the tax cuts inexcusable. >> if we leave here and adjourn
4:51 am
for the election without preventing these tax increases on the american people, it will be the most irresponsible thing that i have seen since i've been in washington, d.c. and of a been here a while. >> reporter: even more tax talk on the sunday news shows. top white house advisor david axelrod saying the white house will figure out a way to get middle class tax cuts extenned after the mid-term elects despite stiff republican opposition and resistance from some democrats. in washington, julie kurtz, fox news. here what is is actually at stake. the bush era tax cuts refer to a set of rollbacks that gave everybody a break. republicans want the entire thing extended. democrats want to nix the breaks for single people making more than $200,000 families earning more than $250,000 a year. the sticking point is that republicans want at least a floor debate on whether to extend the tax breaks to everybody. without that debate, they say they will block the proposal. the u.s. secretary of edge case is voicing expert on
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national television for the chaps lakeshore's d.c. schools. secretary ar ne. duncan and schools chancellor michelle rhee and on meet the press. duncan said that mayor fenty can walk out of office with his head held high. rhee was asked whether she will stay on as chancellor with vincent gray as mayor. >> i'm a huge fan of what he and michelle have done. the public schools in d.c. are dramatically better. >> are you going to stay as chancellor of d.c. schools? >> thing is something that we still have to determine and i have to talk to vincent gray who is the presumptive mayor but i think the important thing to realize is that education reform can continue in d.c. regardless whether i'm there or not. >> rhee also said she could stay on as chancellor as long as the new leadership is willing to make the incredibly tough decisions that were made over the last few years.
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house majority leader steny hoyer of maryland is calling comedian stephen colbert's capitol hill visit an inappropriate visit and an embargesment. colbert testified before the house judiciary committee on immigration last week. he was invited by a representic representative of california. he said he thought it was more of an embarrassment to colbert than to the house. 50 years ago, former presidents richard nixon and john f. kennedy faced off in the first televise the presidential debate. both would go on to occupy the oval office but the power of information put jfk there first. fox's eric shawn takes a look back. >> reporter: it simply changed the way we elect presidents. 70million americans watch as john f. kennedy and richard m. nixon sparred in the first live televised debate. >> the question before is which point of view and which party do we want to lead the united states.
4:54 am
>> i know what it means to be poor. >> the seventh game of the world series becomes those debates, particularly the first one. >> reporter: david petrusha is the author of the new book which examines the race and the debate's legacy. >> it is two men stripping down, going into the ring, one on one and each one hoping to bloody the other one. in 1960, there were four debates but it is the first one history remembers. those would watched television thought kennedy won. those who listened on radio gave the victory to nixon. >> nixon came in first. nixon had been ill. nixon had had a staphylococcus infection. he banged his knee getting out of the car. he was in pain. >> i wouldn't make any excuse like that. i was feeling all right.
4:55 am
i didn't certainly look well. >> reporter: fairly or not, the debates can turn on such things. >> it is those moments, these gotcha moments which are so crucial. like i said, you're no jack kennedy, or this is my microphone, mr. bush. >> reporter: at the jfk library last week, those involved at the time marked the anniversary with a look back. >> as we hit the stage, said i have to go to the bathroom. i heard the stage manager doing 10, nine, eight. he made that stage on one. >> i would urge all ross appendectomyive candidates in the future be sure to remember that more important than what you say is how you look on television. >> nixon's poor appearance on television in that first debate is reflected by fact that his mother called him immediately following the debate to ask if
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he was ill. also, polls showed kennedy moving from a slight deficit into a slight lead over nixon. major flood worries in the nation apser midwest. rising rivers, roads being washed out and a failing levee. we'll get a full report on this situation when we come back. 
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major flooding in the upper midwest is getting worse this morning. some people say it is worse than in more than a decade. >> i've never seen the river this high before. >> reporter: people would live in the western wisconsin town of arcadia are being allowed back into their homes t has been several horrendous days of waiting out the flood waters. about 100 miles southeast in portage, all eyes are on a levee along the wisconsin river. it is leaking and isn't considered safe. >> my main concern is as longs
4:59 am
at levee don't break, how much damage we're still going to have and if the levee breaks, how much damage are we going to have. >> right now, it is up to the floorboards watch ther is knee deep right now and it is getting higher. >> reporter: they are trying to keep water out in del rapids, sed and it is taking a locality of team work to fend off the force of the big sioux river. it crested sunday at its second highest stage on record. >> we all get together pretty good and there has been a lot of people in town down here. there are people really willing to help you out. that is what is nice is everything works together. >> reporter: just 10 miles way from trent, it is the worst flooding that area has seen since 1993. >> it is a lot of water. >> >> reporter: river flooding is expected to continue through early this week in the ion mary

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